Meet Cortney

Meet Cortney 

I’m Cortney Novogratz! I’m a wife, a mom of 7 kids, and the designer of The Novogratz. I’m overjoyed to share my newest collection with you. When I create, I like to think about how my family lives, entertains, retreats and relaxes. With this inspiration, my new Cortney's Collection offers great style and real function for families of all kinds.

Our home is more important than ever. A sofa pulls us closer. A table gathers folks around it and nurtures our soul. Great design creates the practical solutions we all need. I strive to stay young at heart and to always make home a warm and happy environment. My goal is to create confidence and fun so that your home will always be a reflection of you.

With love,


Cortney keeps her family at the center of her life, and it’s reflected in every project she designs. Her homes incorporate kids rooms and fun shared spaces, and today she’s even designing her kids dorm rooms.


Great Barrington

Our Great Barrington home is our heart and soul. We live in NYC but always return here to reconnect for summers and holidays. It’s an offbeat home with great details, and love in every corner. Its modern design can co-exist with family living using chic pops of color and painted wood finishes.

The Castle

The Castle was our first home in Los Angeles. It was a unique space with amazing potential that needed to be updated. We made it into a super fun LA scene for ourselves and our kids. Our downtown style was evident from the start and every room took on a personality of its own.