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bedroom remodel

5 Things To Do Before Your Bedroom Remodel

Feb 07, 2022 — Cortney Novogratz

A bedroom remodel is a great way to reward and celebrate yourself. This is the space where you can and should let your style shine. Here’s what you need to know before getting started.
how to choose an accent chair

How To Choose an Accent Chair for Your Living Space

Jan 31, 2022 — Cortney Novogratz

Decorating with accent chairs is a great way to add impact to any living space. They can bring a splash of color, pattern and style that sets the room’s tone. This article explains how to choose a suitable modern chair for your home.
living room remodel

5 Things To Do Before Tackling That Living Room Remodel

Jan 24, 2022 — Cortney Novogratz

After years of remodeling living rooms for clients, I’ve learned there are five essential steps that help streamline and expedite the whole process. Before the heavy work of a living room remodel begins, you’ll want to check all of these tasks off of your to-do list.