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best bed frames

The 6 Best Bed Frames for Your Bedroom Makeover

Dec 13, 2021 — Cortney Novogratz

The best bed frames optimize use of space in a bedroom while adding a splash of style. Check out these six top choices that are ready for your bedroom makeover. Some even have extra storage space. 
storage furniture

Enhance Your Small Spaces with Storage Furniture

Dec 06, 2021 — Cortney Novogratz

Storage furniture adds form, function and beauty to a small space. Incorporate pieces such as a storage ottoman or bed from Cortney’s Collection to get the most out of a small room, and enjoy your new clutter-free space.
uptown collection

Say Hello to the Uptown Collection

Nov 29, 2021 — Cortney Novogratz

The Uptown Collection is ready for viewing, and everyone’s invited to take a peek. This high-style line tips a hat to upper New York City, where creator and interior designer Cortney Novogratz combines mid-century modern style with dependable quality and affordability for today’s busy families.
colorful living room

5 Ways To Design a Colorful Living Room

Nov 22, 2021 — Cortney Novogratz

A splash of color sets the stage for a living room that’s both chic and unique. Incorporate these five tips from The Village Collection for the perfect amount of style to create a colorful living room space, whether the room has white walls or bright walls.