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Enhance Your Small Spaces with Storage Furniture

storage furniture

When it comes to small rooms, having less furniture adds the appearance of more space and often a more welcoming environment. Your furniture choices have a major impact on a room where there’s not much space to spare, so opt for pieces that offer all the storage capability you need while still looking good. In many small spaces, you can incorporate storage furniture that has more than one purpose. In the long run, that hidden storage helps ensure that those small spaces stay clear and clutter-free.

How Storage Furniture Makes a Big Impact

Storage furniture looks like just about any other furniture in a room, but it has a hidden — and wonderful — secret: added storage space. For instance, our Astor Modular Sectional Round Storage Ottoman from The Village Collection offers the perfect place to stash a blanket and the remotes while still serving as a comfy footrest when it’s time to unwind after work. Furniture with storage space isn’t just for the living room: Home offices and bedrooms are also places where ample storage could be hard to come by, especially in a home with limited closet space.

Living-Room Storage Furniture Ideas

A cocktail table with hidden storage inside and a lifting top that functions as a small desk? Yes, please! The Wooster Lift-Top Cocktail Table from The Downtown Collection offers so much bang for the buck. Its chic chestnut-wood veneer, gold-toned steel and glass elements usher in a mid-century modern aesthetic that’s sure to be the focal point of the living room. A shelf beneath the glass portion of the tabletop is the ideal place to keep this month’s favorite magazines, while the larger hidden area offers space to store just about anything, from paperwork to the laptop or wireless game controllers. With the compartment open, the table’s top rises to more than 36 inches, ideal for those last-minute work projects on the laptop. 

Architectural Digest suggests capitalizing on the room’s unique features as well. For instance, add a fold-down desk or storage shelves to a nook that’s otherwise unused. Transform space beneath a staircase into a closet, or use open shelving to display books, plants or your favorite accent pieces.

Storage Furniture for the Bedroom

A small bedroom is one of those places that never seems to have enough storage space. While an extra dresser may seem like a good idea, even that doesn’t work if the bed takes up most of the room. For any such situation, a bed with built-in storage, such as the Wooster Queen Storage Bed With LED Light Headboard, offers the ideal solution. It has two dresser-style pullout drawers at the foot for easy access. Subtle, swanky LED lighting tucked into the headboard gives your home a luxury-hotel vibe, ready for the perfect night of relaxation.

The Uptown Broadway Queen Upholstered Lift-Up Storage Bed excels at stashing your storables without being an obvious container. This gorgeous platform-style bed features an easy-lift mechanism to access the storage area underneath. Stash your off-season clothing, bedding or even holiday decor in this perfectly hidden place. This bed has knockout good looks, too, with its elegant tufted headboard. Win-win!

Creative Home Office Storage

With limited available floor space, a home office is one of the most important areas for maximizing functionality with a minimal footprint. It’s also a good opportunity to capitalize on your own creative spirit, crafting unique storage areas based on your work-from-home projects and the space at hand. Ideal Home suggests using walls to add storage, such as hanging a wire rack vertically, flat against the wall, then adding hanging wire baskets from it to store files, folders or even your phone. Flexible bracket-mounted storage shelving also comes in handy for a semi-permanent home office area.

The Perry 3 Drawer Apartment Chest from Cortney’s Collection is the perfect solution for a pint-size home office, no matter which room serves that purpose for you. The bottom two drawers serve as traditional pullout storage, while the top drawer has a flip-down front for an instant workspace. The back of the chest also has a cable-management port behind the front drawer area. The piece is petite as well, sticking out less than 20 inches from the wall and spanning less than 42 inches in width.

For a portable home-office solution, Family Handyman suggests a mobile storage unit/workspace on wheels that can be moved where it’s needed, on demand. No matter how small your home is, the right storage furniture makes a huge impact on keeping a clear, clutter-free mind and home.


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