Cortney's Corner

vintage home interiors

Embrace Vintage Home Interiors on a Budget

Nov 15, 2021 — Cortney Novogratz

Cortney and Bob Novogratz show sophisticated design skills by marrying vintage home interiors with modern style, creating bespoke looks for an entire home, hotel or retail space.
neutral living room

How to Build a Beautiful Neutral Living Room

Nov 08, 2021 — Cortney Novogratz

Cortney Novogratz understands how to create a sophisticated design from a neutral living room for busy family life. This mom of seven designs pieces that are the perfect blend of beauty and functionality in her new Downtown Collection.
Cortney's Collection

Cortney’s Collection Embraces Authentic New York Style

Nov 01, 2021 — Cortney Novogratz

Cortney’s Collection by Cortney Novogratz offers clients modern chic interior design embracing New York City style. Check out modular pieces that fit into any space and provide mix and match capabilities to reflect any family’s personal taste.