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New Year, New Home: 3 Simple Tips For Your Space

new year new home

Few things are more motivating or inspiring than turning the calendar page and starting a new year. When the desire to ring in the new turns to your interior design, deciding where to start can feel a little overwhelming. It’s easier and less expensive than you might think, though.

Breathing new energy into your space doesn’t have to break the bank or be a stressful affair. Once you decide on the look you’re trying to achieve, you’ll already be on your way. With a few expert steps, you can quickly create the “new year, new home” vibe of your dreams.

1. Start by Decluttering and Cleaning

One surefire way to make your space look larger and more streamlined is to take a hard look at the things that are getting in your way. Before you do anything else, it’s important to go through your room and remove unnecessary things

Keep or Donate?

As a rule of thumb, if you haven’t used it in at least six months, it’s time to let it go. Move around one room at a time and collect items to sort through into different categories.

Create different zones for keeping, donating and tossing. Go through each space in your home and use this method to help weed out things you want and items you plan to donate or discard.

Once you’ve taken stock of purposeful items and removed the ones that are going unused and taking up space, you’ll be ready to deep-clean and organize.

2. Rearrange Existing Furniture

An instant way to give any room a face-lift, and put your mind at ease, is to simply rearrange your furniture. Placing your sofa or chairs in a new location will inspire you to take stock of the pieces that are leaning toward your dream look and those that are not working with your design vision at all. 

If you still want a bigger change after rearranging, it might be time to remove pieces that are interrupting the flow you have in mind.

Replace Bulky Furniture With Modern Styles

Once you’ve decluttered and rearranged furniture, it’s a good time to step back and examine how your furniture is affecting your space. Furniture that’s too bulky or lacks storage can make a room feel smaller and darker than it needs to feel.

When you add pieces — modern pieces that have storage, like selections from The Wooster End Table — your room will start to feel bigger instantly.

3. Add a Touch of Your Personality

Your home is your sanctuary, and it should reflect your personality. Whether you go thrifting to purchase one-of-a-kind art like we love to do, or you choose to paint an accent wall your favorite neutral color, adding elements that mean something to you will make your room feel comfortable and alive.

When you incorporate multifunctional pieces that help you organize your world, you’ll have the perfect mix of style and your own personal touch.

“New Year, New Home” Goals

Entering the year with the hopes of a new year, new home is not just a dream — it’s an easily attainable goal.

All it takes is a little elbow grease and some imagination. Once you’ve decluttered, cleaned, taken stock of your furniture and personalized your space, you’ll be ready to sit back and relax.

You’ll also feel extremely proud of the room you’ve pulled together without breaking your budget.

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